Replay national security goals conceded , left guard Zhao Jing back on defense and not as a direct result of the opponent’s volley broke . This is also the season just a microcosm of Albin move to defend the national security of the poor performance of the players in this field .

This season, since the team injuries and other reasons, the move to the national security of Zhao Jing quickly and firmly installed in the main left-back position . Three league Dennis Rodman Womens Jersey appearances , also won the AFC 2 appearances , he has been guarding the left wing is the most solid part of national security . Yesterday , however , and Jing Zhao but like sleepwalking , almost causing Oolong is Yibiniao Chuandang shame …… guarding the left almost his opponent off the hook siege .

It is worth mentioning that yesterday’s AFC game, there is a coast of Jiujiang in the spotlight , he is playing for the Western Sydney Wanderers defender Mullen . Earlier this year, after the expiration of the contract with Albin , Mullen chose to join Western Sydney Wanderers . Kawasaki Frontale face away yesterday ‘s game , wearing jersey No. 33 starting debut Mullen . Rangers 1-0 ahead by half to become masters , but the first 74 minutes , Kawasaki players in the penalty area small-angle shot , Mullen stretch a block change to cause the ball rolled into the goal. The own goal also hit the Rangers ‘ morale , and ultimately reversed their opponents , 1:2 away defeated.

Mullen and Zhao Jing and two Bin Jiujiang , are ” unfortunate” mistakes end up in this round of the AFC game, inevitably people lamented the fate of good fortune .

Any team going to Australia should be carried to and from more than 20 hours long flight , the second half on national security today is very tired , but they played well, but also have the opportunity to score , but did not take it .

March 30 , China Ping Super League fourth round at home against Tianjin Teda Harbin Yi Teng tournament in Tianjin droplets stadium started. Tianjin Branch of Ping An Life after children’s talent contest from small players in layers of selection, the final 22 children come to the fore , as unveiled in hand caddy admission ceremony .

16:00 the same day, in order to have excellent performance in the evening ‘s activities, a small caddy who accompany their parents early on in the building down to the safe collection and rehearsal activities . From formation to take place, from the appearance to the exit from the stand at attention to sing the national anthem …… each and every one seriously practice to ensure the smooth progress of the evening admission ceremony .

19:30 , admission ceremony began , 22 small caddy wearing a uniform printed with ” super simple pleasures of peace ,” the words of peace and two white jersey football star super team together hand in hand into the shade of the stadium , the child they formed a naive smile stadium a different kind of landscape, immediately pocketed the viewers eye . Small ball boys all spirits , singing the national anthem , with their unique interpretation of the peace innocence super ” simple pleasures ” philosophy . According to another report , the game is still television , Internet and other media were broadcast, China Ping An ‘s little caddy also as people of the Super League ‘s heat and concern. After the admission Chris Mullin Gold Jersey ceremony , 22 small caddy and parents were invited to watch the game, let the children experience a shocking scene in the game atmosphere , cheer , cheering heard. Football brings hope to the children’s happiness can accompany them all the way to grow up healthy and happy , Ping An Life will also be waiting for them to grow in a secure harbor .

The ” caddy hand ” campaign effectively both inside and outside the stadium , to show the people of Tianjin Ping brand, enhance the reputation , as well as life insurance customer service section of Tianjin in 2014 had a full warm-up activities . Ping from China Super League title after Branch actively communicate with the head office , to get a total of four games caddy Super League qualification , and strive to improve customer service experience from different sources . Next, the branch will take full advantage of the resources in hand caddy activities , combined with the customer service section of children’s series of activities to our customers feedback , support line forty-five linked business development .