March 29 , Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan called on to participate in training in Germany Pill youth soccer team , and watch their games. Xi Jinping has long been known for the love of football , but he is full of a sports fan . The Chinese president to Shichahai skating childhood often last more media reported that he would swim every day , walking .
Favorite Football : multiple game show Good Luck national football coach Xi Jinping love football no longer a secret , whether it is an interview , or in the overseas visit , he made ​​no secret of football feelings. Xi’s “Football edge ” can be traced back to his youth . According to several media reports, Xi Jinping as D.J. Moore Youth Jersey early as in the 1980s , on the performance of a keen interest in football , repeated visits to the site , such as the Workers’ Stadium to watch football .

This “Football edge ” and not because of national leader Xi Jinping to work while away. July 2008 , has been appointed Vice President Xi Jinping visits Olympic venues in Qinhuangdao . While wearing shoes and dress , but he still showed his footwork, kicks shot rhythmic .

February 2012 , when the visit to Ireland , Xi Jinping first activity in Dublin , is to visit a local sports association . During this visit, he once again demonstrated his footwork . December 31, 2013 , New Year message published Xi Jinping , his office first exposure . Were placed on the shelves six photographs , one of which is his kickoff that Bigfoot in Ireland .

March 27 , when Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations and France to commemorate the meeting , did not forget the football topic, he mentioned just as China ‘s national men’s soccer team head coach Alan Perrin . Xi Jinping said that China sent to the majority of fans for his eagerly anticipated , and I wish him luck.

Xi Jinping and Sports: Lakers jersey will receive a walk every day to swim

October 2009 , Xi Jinping visited in Germany visited the Bayer Group company , and accepted the gift of a Bayer Leverkusen No. 10 jersey and a special World Cup 2006 football . February 17, 2012 , Xi Jinping watched the NBA game at U.S. visit . During the intermission , Xi Jinping also receive printed with his name and Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey signed commemorative shoes. In addition , the famous former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant Magic Johnson also presented a signed jersey No. 24 . Football quite closely with Xi Jinping , also met with the box in effect at that time in the United States Major League Soccer ‘s David Beckham, Beckham also told Xi presented his signature jersey .

Xi Jinping, in addition to the ballpark , but still a ” sports enthusiasts .” Last March 19 , Xi Jinping at the Great Hall accepted a joint interview with several media. In response to a reporter’s question , Brazil , Xi Jinping respect yourself “is also a sports enthusiast .” He revealed that he likes swimming, hiking and other sports, like football and volleyball youth .

Among these, the swimming is done almost every day Xi Jinping project . Last June, during the U.S. visit , Xi Jinping told Obama said he walks every day to swim , swim swim 1000 meters , which, Obama bluntly great. Obama likes to play basketball , Xi Jinping also praised Obama is a basketball expert.

According to another report , Xi Jinping childhood often to Shichahai skating. In February this year , Xi Jinping, who visited the Rain Nanluoguxiang Hutong . Research activities entourage to accept the ” Beijing Morning Post ” interview, said , “Xi said he was familiar with the surrounding environment , general secretary , as a child to live in this film, he often came home from school one is left behind the bag on the Shichahai skating , heard here, I he said the feeling is that thing around , not so nervous . ”

Xi Tan Sports: Soccer mention three wishes incentive for Winter Olympics athletes

Xi Jinping mentioned football on different occasions , enough to see his love for the sport. July 4, 2011 , in Beijing, Xi Jinping met with South Korean Democratic Party leader , Congressman Drayton Florence Kids Jersey Sohn Hak-kyu line. Xi Jinping said that China World Cup qualifying , World Cup competitions and won the World Cup , is his three wishes .

This is not the first time it comes to the expectations of Xi Chinese football , as early as October 2009 , Xi Jinping visited in Germany during a visit to the Bayer Group , pointed out that China has considerable first-class football fans and the world market , but relatively low level , hoping to catch up.

Xi Jinping fair to say: ” After the completion of the Olympic Games held in China under a determination, since we can get the gold medal other sports , then football ah , must be determined to build up, but this time will be very long .”

During the two sessions this year , Xi Jinping at the Shanghai delegation to participate in the deliberations , also referred to Chinese football. “Dream Chinese opera Liao Changyong mentioned can go to the world stage , these things we want to do it as a goal to pursue . Told me about Chinese football , there seems more distant , but had to talk about , ah, you do not have this dream , do not think about it, it failed to reach , you have thought this possible . ”

Recently, Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the Netherlands Economic Cooperation Forum , referring to football again, he said: . ” Dutch football team is known as the world football ‘ uncrowned king ‘ Netherlands ‘ European basket ‘ and ‘ tulips Kingdom ‘ .” Xi Jinping Zhefan full field , then won applause and laughter.

During the Winter Olympics in Sochi , Xi Jinping, the Chinese delegation cordial . His presence on the new Football Association chairman Cai Zhenhua bluntly: “You are in command of the Football Association , we’ll see .” Earnest expectation of love, loneliness. And Xi Jinping important speech during the discussion of the sports community in the country , but also attracted enthusiastic responses , Zhou Yang in the short track speed skating 1,500 m achieved defending , it is thanks to the President Xi ” Zero ” encouraging .