The New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge language arts literacy grade 3 and grade 4 guide to criterion based holistic scoring a writing and reading handbook which is relevant to all the parents students and private tutors at all three Math Genie abacus math for kids schools in New Jersey in the John Elway Replica Jersey United States of America, carries on to state the following, quote J Ask Released Sample Grade 4 Score Point 2. The student provides several text-based reasons for using lightweight paper [so it does not slow the rocket down; so you can poke the thumbtack through the paper; you can fold it better; you can cut it better] but does not provide an explanation of how these reasons affect the outcome of the activity. Without further explanation, this response is general and demonstrates a partial understanding of the task.

This response demonstrates a partial understanding of the task. The student provides some text reference to explain the reasons for using lightweight paper [it would be hard to cut. It would also be hard to put the thumbtack through the paper]. However, the information is only general because the explanation does not make clear why heavy paper would make he balloon come down?or how the paper functions in the activity. This student presents some general information from the text to explain the reasons for using lightweight paper [because lightweight paper is lighter, so the rocket balloon will go faster] and attempts a conclusion [for example, construction paper is too heavy. So the Swingman Joakim Noah Jersey rocket balloon would go slower. The more weight the slower the rocket balloon goes].

However, the response does not make clear how the paper functions in the activity. Therefore, the response displays a partial understanding of the task NJ Ask Released Sample Grade 4 Score Point 3 for most people who read this part of the information. This response demonstrates that the student has synthesized the text and understood the task. The student makes use of relevant information from the article to explain the reasons for using lightweight paper [if you used heavier paper, the rocket would slow down; Another reason for using lightweight paper. . . is so the rocket can ride quickly down the string; if you use heavyweight paper, you would (not) be able to cut it well]. However, the details are simple and merely imply how the paper functions in the activity?end quote.

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