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American flag ban on “Yiwu manufacturers” impact is Jersey

Apr 2, 2014 Author: xiaofeng01 | Filed under: Journal

American soldiers carried the ” Stars and Stripes ” on the battlefield strikes , and the banner is likely to be ” Made in China” , this sensitive situation caused many Americans feel embarrassed. February 19 this year , the United States formally adopted legislation requiring military procurement Gary Zimmerman Jersey American flag must be one hundred percent “Made in America .” Recently, the banner of the ban to allow some Yiwu merchants worried whether the U.S. market for this blocked ?

    Flag of the United States enacted the latest ban

    ”Yesterday and friends also discussed this topic .” Banner Yiwu merchants Wong usually always concerned about some of the dynamic online news . Last week, she was released from the Internet that a U.S. statute , which referred to the content on the ” Stars and Stripes ” procurement.

    This news release by the American CBS , in which he mentions : As part of the United States, ” Consolidated Appropriations Act ” in 2014 , the U.S. Department of Defense in the future not only to ensure that the procurement of ” Stars and Stripes ” must be a hundred percent made ​​in the USA , but also requires the Department of Defense banning the purchase of non-US grown or produced food , clothing, military uniforms , fabrics , stainless steel and hand or measuring tools.

    This Act is to promote Democrats http://www.bullsofficialstore.com/Red+Kirk+Hinrich+Jersey Thompson. He believes that the U.S. military made ​​use of other countries , ” Stars and Stripes ” sounds scary. Priority, the United States needs to produce more ” Star-Spangled Banner .” In his efforts, the motion has been signed by President Obama officially became law.

    Reporter yesterday visited the Third District , Yiwu International Trade City banner supplies area found that merchants know this legislation still in the minority , most people’s understanding of the U.S. market is still limited in the past. But heard on the U.S. market we have expressed concern.

    Expand the scope of business to worry about ban

    Flag of the United States ban the newly released , what the impact will be on the Yiwu market ?

    ”If the military is limited to this one , the impact should not be too great .” Yiwu win banner firm Li Jiang , after the ban on the U.S. market is still optimistic.

    He orders from the pile on the desk , and pulled out two invoices under U.S. customers : March 1 , customers purchased a total of nearly 20 thousand faces of the Civil War flag ; late last year , the customer also purchases over 25 United States, ” Stars and Stripes .”

    However, Li Jiang worry that if the ban extended to all government departments and the U.S. consumer market , Yiwu ‘s exports to the United States flag is bound greatly affected.

    He worried. According to reports, the next step , Mr Thompson will continue efforts to promote the U.S. federal government procurement in all sectors of the national flag must be made ​​in America , not just limited to the Department of Defense .

    World Cup driven by exports to the U.S. flag

    Brazil World Cup approaching, banner products on the market to usher in Yiwu quadrennial export peak.

    ” Flags of various countries and regions , but this selling well . Ends this month , wholesale came to an end .” Ms Wong said http://www.officialwarriors.com/Authentic-Chris-Mullin-Jersey the World Cup was the banner business ” bumper year .” Even the small amount of U.S. export market this year, there are a lot of growth.

    Li Jiang Jieshao due to the large amount of orders , dozens of workers in the factory running at full capacity , often work overtime to ninety o’clock at night .

    According to schedule , the Brazilian World Cup will be held in 12 cities in the stadium , Brazil 12 , 2014 June 12 to July 13 . Merchants are introduced from October last year , the Brazilian World Cup orders started, after New Year into the season , and will continue until the end . 4,5,6 will be back in January of this year alone , make up a single main.

    In the United States , soccer status is not high, only behind football, baseball , basketball, hockey. However, some traders said that as the express train to catch the World Cup this year, exports to the U.S. market, the banner is expected to increase by more than half compared to last year .

    U.S. military previous difficulties ” Made in China”

    March 2001 , the U.S. Department of Defense had purchased hundreds of thousands of Chinese-made berets top U.S. Marines Knowshon Moreno Limited Jersey use , not long after the collision incident occurred. ” China cap case” after the U.S. media “exposure “, many U.S. lawmakers and the public condemnation of the Department of Defense .

    In 2006, the U.S. Congress passed the 2006 U.S. ” National Defense Authorization Act ” to prohibit the Pentagon to buy uniforms from China by contractors or sub- contractors .

Black Jersey

Apr 1, 2014 Author: xiaofeng01 | Filed under: Journal

Brazil 2014 World Cup campaign in England ‘s home and away jerseys recently released , including Wayne Rooney , Steven Gerrard , Wilshere , Sturridge , including players in the Nike sponsors of the new posters . The new Three Lions jersey design draws England World Cup 1970 jersey design , home Taj Gibson Black Jersey jerseys still follow the traditional white , while the away kit is red. May 31 , soldiers will face England at Wembley in Peru , when the Three Lions jersey for the first time put on this new appearance .

Including Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard , Wilshere , Sturridge , Joe – Hart , Charles Barkley , Wilt Chamberlain and other players have appeared in Nike’s publicity posters . England home shirt white inherited the tradition of melody, and the past is different, jersey shorts are all white , round neck collar design deliberately shaped blue Nike logo on the right side , the Three Lions team logo is located http://www.nflbroncosofficial.com/SUPER-BOWL-TERRELL-DAVIS-JERSEY on the left side . According to ” The Independent” says this all white home jersey design was inspired Nike lessons that support the World Cup for England in 1970 , when Alf – Sir Ramsey led the team in the World Cup semi- finals in Mexico finals.

England away shirt is red shirt white shorts , except for the round neck collar design , Nike LOGO is white , the rest of the home jerseys are designed and consistent . Goalkeeper ‘s jersey is yellow shirt black shorts . Three Lions striker Wayne Rooney is the number one jersey after a new release to express their views . “I’ve been able to put on an England shirt and proud , this shirt is no exception and I can not wait to go to Brazil this summer put on the jerseys battled for the country .”

May 30 , will lead England at Wembley in a friendly with Peru , when the Three Lions for the first time wearing this white home jersey battle. The World Cup, Hodgson ‘s first race team wearing this jersey will be against England on June 14 , five days after which they will face the South American powerhouse Uruguay, the Dennis Rodman Red Jersey last group stage opponents are Costa Rica.
Since the introduction of short-sleeved jersey NBA , many NBA players have expressed suited to this jersey , even said do not want to wear this jersey , including LeBron – James, Stephen – Curry and other superstars like also expressed similar views.

Earlier this year, James, in an ad shooting , said: “Every time I shot it in my feeling is like pulling it below took my arm, so I do not have much space to adjust . My jump shot , anyway , this is definitely not a good thing . ” James and the NBA is also president of Silverstone ‘s new meeting on , it should return to vest jersey.

Warriors headed star Curry said , still prefer the previous vest jersey. Curry said the short-sleeved shirts and even ” ugly dead .”

However , the Lakers Houweiyuedi – Meeks said he likes the jerseys .

“I do not have any complaints against http://www.officialwarriors.com/Authentic-Mitch-Richmond-Jersey them , my entire career wore such clothes – I wish I could wear them every day ( laughs ) They are more lightweight, short-sleeved shirt definitely feel more traditional and longer, but I short-sleeved shirts without any problems, and we should be more Chuan Chuan them . ” Meeks said.

Beijing on March 10 , in the previous Lakers 114-110 upset victory over the Thunder in the game , wearing short-sleeved jersey meter God scored a career-high 42 points .

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